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24th August 2017

Race instructions and start list.....

Final Race Instructions

Final Race instructions

Please find below final instructions for the Double or Quit Race 


Shipley Park Visitor Centre
DE75 7GX

Race Start

Double or Quit Race Start Time

Saturday 27th August 5:00pm

Car Parking

We anticipate the queues for the car parking to be one of the bottlenecks at the event please arrive early and car share if possible.

There are 200 spaces on the main Pay and Display Car Park at the visitors centre, payment will be required and is £2.90 for 4 hours.

We have been advised that enforcement on Saturday will cease at 6pm not 8 as advertised.

There are two Pay and Display payment machines, the one nearest the visitor’s centre is card payment only the other is cash, please make sure you get in the correct queue and check the machines first.

There is plenty of alternative and free parking around the industrial area before getting to the park. If making use of this please park sensibly so as not to create any issues for us.  

Collection of Race Numbers and Timing Chip

You can collect your Race Number from 3:00pm from the Green Room at the Shipley Country Park Visitor centre.

The Collection point will be sign posted from the car park.

There will be four to five desks in the Green Room. Desk 1 will have race numbers 1-99, desk 2 100- 199 and so on.

Please remember your race number and collect it from the appropriate desk.

 We will have the names and race numbers on large posters on the walls if you forget.

 The timing chip is contained within the race number, so the race number MUST be worn on the front of your running vest at all times. If you complete the race without a number, you will not be registered as a finisher. Once you have collected your race number, please make your way to the race village.

Please do not cross any timing controls whilst wearing your bib once you have completed the race.

 Drinks Stations

Water will be available at 2.8, 5, 7.8 and 10 miles. 


There will be portable toilets available for use around the main start area.


The route is two laps, each lap being identical to the course taken last year.

You can finish after one lap or continue on to do a second lap then finish.

The Start and Finish is the same for everyone.

 Those doing two laps will need to run straight on at the split point, continuing up the trail to the marshalled left turn into the park, across the lap timing mat to re-join the course and continue your second lap.

 Upon completion of your second lap you will simply head to the finish line by taking a left turn at the split point.

 On the Day updates

 All updates on the day will be posted on the Double or Quit Facebook page.

Start and Finish Area

This year we hope to have stands for you from

 Derby Runner

  • Our nominated charity Babbington Animal Rescue Our nominated charity Erewash Community
  • Hayley Moore Sports massage
  • Local artist studio ‘Tree Huggery’
  • Coffee Express will be arriving around 3:00pm.
  • Final note

     Please can we finally ask you to take home any flyers and responsibly dispose of any rubbish you have on the day.

    I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 26th and hope that you have a great race.

    Any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page.


    David Feely
    Race Director
     Ilkeston Running Club

    Start List :

    Bib Number Forename Surname Club
    285 Julie Abell Unattached
    469 Lizzie Albery IRF Team Isabella 
    112 Eddie Alder Unattached
    415 Emma Alder Unattached
    135 Alison Allen Smalley Road Runners
    413 Catherine Allen Formula One Circuit Crew
    58 Chantal Allen Wilne Runners
    308 Jonathan Allen Unattached
    102 Emma Ancliff Unattached 
    103 Stephen Ancliff Unattached 
    120 Wayne Archer Team Derby Runner
    348 William Askew Team Derby Runner
    46 Alison Atkins Unattached
    239 Tania Baker Notts Women Runners
    240 Richard  Baker  Unattached 
    255 Jake Barnes Ilkeston Running Club
    254 Joe Barnes Unattached
    256 Simon Baxendale Unattached
    366 Michelle Baxter Mansfield Harriers 
    128 Greg Bayliss Ripley Running Club 
    109 Jason Beadsworth Unattached
    110 Shannon Beadsworth Unattached
    18 Vanessa Beadsworth Unattached
    59 Lara Beardsley Unattached 
    57 Ken Bell Wilne Runners
    38 Martyn Bell Ripley Running Club 
    318 Phil Bentley Derbyshire Dynamos
    151 Tim Bentley Shelton Striders
    393 Melanie Bermingham Chase Harriers
    360 Rebecca Best Poplar Running Club 
    72 Gaynor Bickley Unattached
    60 Clare Biddle Notts Women Runners
    29 Sallyann Bingham Steel City Striders RC
    119 Colette Bingley Notts Women Runners
    269 Jay Bird Ripley Running Club 
    53 Julie Bird Ilkeston Joggers
    406 Christopher Birley Broxtowe Triathlon Club
    443 David  Blackstock Newmarket Joggers
    372 Gemma Blacow Unattached
    34 Emma Blades Notts Women Runners
    488 Neil Blatherwick Long Eaton Running Club
    470 Alison Blyth Heanor Running Club
    198 Chris Bone Unattached
    199 Gail Bone Unattached
    361 Deb Booler Unattached
    344 Shaun Borrill Long Eaton Running Club
    114 Andy Bradley Ripley Running Club 
    448 Paul Bradshaw Unattached
    231 Sarah Bramley Unattached
    427 Janet Brazel Smalley Road Runners
    451 Emma Brear Sheffield RC
    405 Jess Breider Mansfield Harriers
    408 Kieron Brice Barnsley Harriers
    111 Michelle Bridgewater Kimberworth Striders
    162 Amanda Broad Mickleover Running Club
    66 Jacqui Brookes Notts Women Runners
    233 Andy Brooks Shelton Striders
    456 Michael Brooman Unattached
    457 Samantha Brooman Unattached
    334 Andrew Brown Unattached
    267 Tara Buckley Belper harriers
    404 Marianne Burford Notts Women Runners
    279 Collette Burgess Unattached
    14 Aron Burghart Unattached
    15 Sharon Burghart Unattached
    260 Angela Burley Notts Women Runners
    184 Laura Burton Unattached
    263 Sally Burton Unattached
    346 Emma Cable Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & AC
    200 Karen Calladine Fetch Everyone
    13 Sarah Callaway Unattached
    462 Rob Carmichael Unattached
    130 Lois Carter Belper Harriers
    131 Judith Cartwright Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers ( nordic walkers)
    62 Steve Case Jog Derbyshire Rutland
    365 Lisa Cashmore Smalley Road Runners
    61 Melanie Ceney Mansfield Harriers
    327 Caroline Challender Beeston AC
    311 Lisa Chamberlain Notts Women Runners
    94 Nicola Chamberlain Kimberley and District Striders
    290 Chris Chambers Unattached
    389 Ian Chapman Unattached
    147 Kelly Chapman Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    23 Sue Chilton Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    157 Jamie Claricoates Unattached
    268 Tim Clayton Ripley Running Club 
    326 Robin Clee Unattached
    289 Lauren Cleever Notts Women Runners
    294 Rachel Cliff All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    142 Janine Coates Notts Women Runners
    371 Joanna Coates Belper Harriers
    11 Sarah Colburn Team Derby Runner
    99 Daniel Coleman All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    98 Susan Coleman All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    403 Amy Colley Unattached
    275 Karen Cook Unattached
    480 Clare Coombes Vegan runners UK
    264 Theresa Copcutt Mansfield Harriers
    95 Ged Corkill North Derbyshire RC
    352 Philippa Cory Derwent Runners (Derby)
    335 Gemma Cotter Unattached
    193 Alison Cowley North Derbyshire RC
    379 Coleen Coxon Midlands Nordic Walking
    104 Linda Crawford Triathletes and Runners (Eastwood)
    223 Sarah Crawford Unattached
    442 Jo Curtis Newmarket Joggers
    312 Christopher Dancer Unattached
    160 Jack Danes Unattached
    319 Esther Davey Unattached
    265 Matthias Davis UKRunchat RC
    266 Zoe Davis UKRunchat RC
    242 Angus Davison Beeston AC
    188 Phil Deakin Long Eaton Running Club
    250 Yvette Dean Kimberley and District Striders
    320 Margaret Deeny Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    196 Lynne Delaney North Derbyshire RC
    77 Raina Dickinson Chasewater Runners
    92 Jessica Dobson Unattached
    376 Stephen Doleman Unattached
    177 Hayley  Dove Unattached
    426 Lisa Doyle Redhill Road Runners
    24 Becky Drake Kimberworth Striders
    416 Michael Drury Redhill Road Runners
    82 Helen Duncan Rutland Running and Triathlon Club 
    467 Andy Earp UKnetrunner
    322 Christine Ebbage Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    278 Paula Elliott Notts Women Runners
    79 Sheila Emery Notts Women Runners
    273 Fiona England Unattached
    324 Temujin Eradhun Unattached
    22 Kirsty Fairbairn-wint Mansfield Harriers
    140 Rachel Farrow Shelton Striders
    286 Fiona Faulkner Unattached
    282 Harriet Faulkner Unattached
    148 Jackie Feckey Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    336 Mandy Fenemer Mansfield Woodhouse Pootlers
    55 Lisa Fildes Rolls-Royce Harriers
    56 Richard Fildes Sinfin Running Club
    493 Fiona Finnegan Sinfin Running Club
    187 Nigel Fisher Redhill Road Runners
    236 Patrick Fitzgerald Long Eaton Running Club
    163 Jo Foster Ilkeston Running Club
    380 Michelle Fowkes Unattached
    179 Carla Fox Heanor Running Club
    321 Jon Fox Unattached
    491 Riva Francis Belper Harriers 
    473 Scott Freeman Unattached
    219 Caroline Frith Notts Women Runners
    345 Paul Frith Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & AC
    90 Andrew Gallimore Shelton Striders
    369 Andrew Gardner St Theresa's A.C.
    249 Steve Gelderd Redhill Road Runners
    85 Karen Gibb Unattached
    159 Emma Gillings Notts Women Runners
    174 Jason Gilman-Hughes Unattached
    173 Michael Gilman-Hughes Unattached
    50 Paul Glover South Derbyshire Road Runners
    51 Tracey Glover South Derbyshire Road Runners
    325 Teresa Godfrey Beeston AC
    169 Nicky Godridge Unattached
    341 Claire Gollin Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    483 Kirsten Grafton North Derbyshire RC
    357 Alexandra Graham Unattached
    75 Lynn Gration Jog Derbyshire 
    165 Ryan Gray Sinfin Running Club
    213 Fiona Green Unattached
    105 Rebecca Greensmith Unattached
    113 David Greenwell UKnetrunner
    484 Paul Greenwood Kimberworth striders
    342 Brian Haddon JT Fitness Bootcamp 
    137 Sarah Halford Balanced Performance
    243 Ben Hall Rolls Royce Harriers
    138 Honor Hamshaw Kimberworth Striders
    309 Phil Hardy Unattached
    195 David Harley Shepshed RC
    107 Jamie Harriman Unattached 
    153 Jane Harris Erewash Valley RC
    189 Julie Harris Team Anstey Amblers and Runners
    81 Rebecca Harris Unattached
    292 Chris Harrison Unattached
    70 Clare Harrison Sinfin Running Club
    17 Natalie Harrison Notts Women Runners
    16 Sara Harrison Unattached
    281 Steph Hart Unattached
    251 Stephen Haskard Kimberley and District Striders
    244 Kylie Haynes Redhill Road Runners
    430 Kerry Healy Unattached 
    167 Matthew Henning Shelton Striders
    207 Emma Herd Unattached
    489 Sophie Heron Unattached
    71 Ian Hewitt Derby Triathlon Club
    3 Ray Hibberd Kimberworth striders
    172 David Hicken North Derbyshire RC
    397 Julia Hind Unattached
    468 Trevor Hiscox Vegan runners UK
    482 Mark Hodgkinson SRR
    447 Denise Hooley Unattached
    258 Andrew Hough Ivanhoe Runners
    224 Michael Hrynczyszyn Unattached
    301 Josh Hubbard Unattached
    452 Paula Hubber Unattached
    387 Jane Hudson Long Eaton Running Club
    399 Clair Hughes Unattached
    241 Frankie Hughes South Derbyshire Road Runners
    54 Ben Hulett Unattached
    350 Stephen Hutsby Ripley Running Club 
    445 Stephen Hutton Birstall RC 
    182 Luke Inglis Shelton Striders
    39 Julia Ingram Notts Women Runners
    374 Mark Ison Team Derby Runner
    238 Catherine Jackson Unattached
    42 Matthew Jackson Heanor Running Club
    235 Elaine Jagger Unattached
    124 Dale Johnson Jog Derbyshire
    221 Helen Johnson Unattached
    146 Laura Johnson Unattached 
    209 Kate Johnston Shelton Striders
    117 Rachel Jones Ripley Running Club 
    25 Charlette Judd Unattached
    225 Roger Kahler Hedge End Running Club
    80 Savitaa Kapoor Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    8 Herbie Kaur Unattached 
    477 Ruth Keeley Belper Harriers
    367 John Kelley Redhill Road Runners
    486 Nicholas Kerr Unattached
    428 Becky Kershaw Unattached
    155 Stuart Kilner Unattached
    328 Richard Kimber Ripley Running Club 
    461 Marc Kinch Long Eaton Running Club
    237 Michelle Kirk Unattached
    444 Michelle Knifton Unattached
    435 Darren Knight Chesapeake Road Runners
    222 Edward Kolb Unattached
    487 Stefan Kozlowski Unattached
    359 Karolina Kucharek Rolls-Royce Harriers 
    248 Andrea Lawless Kimberworth Striders
    299 Megan Le Sueur Unattached
    437 Rose Leivers Heanor Running Club
    232 Jason Lennon Unattached
    211 Colin Lewis Erewash Valley RC
    212 Erica Lieberman The Southbank Bar Running Club
    315 Karen Lindsey Unattached
    314 Valerie Lindsey Long Eaton Running Club
    362 Rebecca Lineker Ripley Running Club 
    390 Emma Lissett Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    67 Andrew Lord Unattached
    449 Martyn Lowe Unattached
    356 Peter Lythgoe Unattached
    262 Lauren Maggs Unattached
    353 Maggie Mairura Midlands Nordic Walking 
    478 Anita Malone Unattached
    429 Charlotte Manning Unattached
    438 Lucas Manning Ilkeston Running Club
    439 Nathaniel Manning Ilkeston Running Club
    400 Elizabeth Marler Smalley Road Runners
    220 Eleanor Marriott Unattached
    349 Heather Marriott Notts Women Runners
    229 Scott Marshall UKRunchat RC
    217 Oliver Matharu Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    298 Claire Mathias All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    472 Giles Matsell Unattached
    201 Ian Matthews Unattached
    132 Julie  Matthews Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers ( nordic walkers)
    37 Amy May Kimberley and District Striders
    144 Sahra McCabe Team Derby Runner
    245 Alastair McGeoch North Derbyshire RC
    246 Akua  McGeoch  North Derbyshire RC
    63 Lucy McIntyre-Sowter Notts Women Runners
    337 Brendan Mckeown Unattached
    338 Mellissa Mckeown Unattached
    297 Paul Mckeown Unattached
    436 Claire Mcloughlin Unattached
    185 Sue Mcloughlin Kimberley and District Striders
    206 Joseph Melbourne Team Derby Runner
    394 Lou Mellor Notts Women Runners
    5 Kerry Middleton Kimberworth Striders
    392 Jonathan Mills Titan Triathlon Club
    440 Alex Milne Kimberley and District Striders
    65 Richard Mitson Notts AC
    52 Shelagh Mitson Formula One Circuit Crew
    272 Cherylyn Moloney Unattached
    97 Kelsey Moloney Unattached
    100 Laura Moncaster Unattached
    420 Arron Moon Unattached
    421 Gail Moon Unattached
    215 Dawn Morley Notts Women Runners
    471 Jayne Mortimer Unattached
    126 David Mowbray Unattached
    412 Anna Mulligan Freeman Long Eaton Running Club
    76 Claire Murfin Jog Derbyshire 
    381 Alison Murphy Unattached 
    108 Kelly Mycroft Unattached
    226 Lisa Nappin Unattached
    310 Robert Nason Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    1 Elizabeth Nay Belper Harriers
    91 Nancy Newbery Unattached
    481 Anton  Newell Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & AC
    64 Karen Newton Team Derby Runner
    74 Yvonne Nicholls Chase Harriers
    4 Michele Noble Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    450 Andrew Norton Notts AC
    261 Mark Oakley All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    123 Michelle O'Connor Notts Women Runners
    463 Ian O'Donnell Massey Ferguson RC
    41 Chris Oldershaw Team Derby Runner
    44 Rebecca Oldershaw Derbyshire Dynamos
    425 Jill Oliver Notts Women Runners
    368 Michelle Oliver All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    141 Matthew Orr Sinfin Running Club
    247 Debbie Pacey Notts Women Runners
    154 Katherine Packwood Kimberley and District Striders
    6 Sharon Palmer Team Derby Runner
    402 John Parker Broxtowe Triathlon Club
    158 Maria Parker Unattached 
    351 Matthew Parker Derwent Runners (Derby)
    12 Karen Parkin Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    89 Rebecca Parry Wigston Phoenix RC
    339 Chris Pattison Derbyshire Dynamos
    358 Donna Paull Unattached
    101 Rob Pearce Belper Harriers 
    68 Liz Phillips Shelton Striders
    69 Paul Phillips Shelton Striders
    432 Richard Phillis Ripley Running Club 
    166 Nicola Photiou Erewash Valley RC
    306 Sian Pickering Unattached
    21 Jaik Pickford Unattached 
    343 Steven Plumb Unattached
    168 Lizzie Poole Heanor Running Club
    455 Gary Price South Derbyshire Road Runners
    33 Jennifer Price Rebel runners 
    214 Michael Pride Smalley Road Runners
    7 Sarah Priestley Long Eaton Running Club
    252 Carolyn Radcliffe Unattached
    303 Jeff Rainbow Formula One Circuit Crew
    331 Nicholas Raj Derwent Runners (Derby)
    422 Malcolm Ray Kimberley and District Striders
    149 Leanne Read Notts Women Runners
    347 Andy Reddish Unattached
    45 Joanne Reddish Unattached
    216 Tim Reddish Unattached
    492 Amber Reed Blackheath and Bromley 
    414 Alastair Reilly Redhill Road Runners
    40 John Reynolds Ilkeston Running Club
    190 David Richards Formula One Circuit Crew
    27 Emma Richards Maltby RC
    125 Chris Rigby Unattatched
    234 Neil Rigby Shelton Striders
    370 Alison Robertson Unattached
    136 Eleanor Robinson Ripley Running Club 
    354 Jane Rodgers Midlands Nordic Walking
    35 Stephen Rooney Beeston AC
    323 Sarah Ross Notts Women Runners
    332 Linda Sharon Roulston Heanor Running Club
    485 Karen Round Unattached
    202 Sally Rowe Unattached
    134 Susan Russell Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers ( nordic walkers)
    373 Karen Ryder Midlands Nordic Walking
    283 Nick Salvin Unattached
    218 Hannah Sampson Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    398 David Sanders Unattached
    284 Rachel Sanders Unattached
    383 Penny Sandhu-McKenna Notts Women Runners
    133 Amanda  Saunderson Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers ( nordic walkers)
    259 Luke Saxton Unattached
    47 Claire Sayers Notts Women Runners
    48 Ian Sayers Unattached
    87 Kelly Scott Unattached
    86 Lee Scott Unattached
    395 Paul Scullion Chase Harriers
    307 Jo Severn Jog Derbyshire
    122 Carrie Shaw Unattached 
    257 Laura Shaw Unattached
    118 Lisa Shaw Washlands Womens Runners
    355 Steve Shaylor Unattached
    2 Lee Sheppard Unattached 
    388 Samantha Shipley Notts Women Runners
    227 Melanie Simpson Unattached
    466 Diane Sisson Ilkeston Running Club
    409 Leanne Slater Unattached
    293 Lisa Slater All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    152 Ken Smedley Jog Derbyshire Rutland
    31 Andrew Smith Unattached
    129 Arran Smith JT Fitness Bootcamp
    474 Colin Smith Ripley Running Club 
    10 Linda-Claire Smith Unattached 
    19 Mark Smith Robin Hood Runners
    30 Samantha Smith Unattached
    270 Zoe Smith Belper Harriers
    434 David Snutch Birstall RC 
    433 Melanie Snutch Birstall RC 
    20 Robert Softley Chesapeake Road Runners
    453 Johan Sonesson Sonesson Derwent Runners (Derby)
    291 John Sparham Unattached
    9 Abi Spencer Unattached
    181 Carl Spencer Unattached
    43 Hannah Standing Unattached
    139 Tim Staniforth Shelton Striders
    26 Trevor Stephenson Unattached
    411 Taylor Steve Formula One Circuit Crew
    377 Josephine Stevens Unattached
    300 David Stevenson Unattached
    183 Peter Stevenson Redhill Road Runners
    490 Joanne Stocks Redhill Road Runners
    208 Barry Stone Unattached
    391 Elaine Stone Wirksworth
    340 Alan Storrow Team Derby Runners
    32 Amanda Strickson Notts Women Runners
    476 Andy Stubbs Belper Harriers
    330 Leigh Stubbs Redhill Road Runners
    475 Mark Stubbs Unattached
    401 Ian Sullivan Holme Pierrepont Running Club
    150 Sarah Sutton Team Derby Runner
    384 Lee Swales Team Derby Runner
    271 Natalie Tate Notts Women Runners
    230 Joanne Taylor Ilkeston Joggers
    424 Joanne Taylor Notts Women Runners
    454 Lee Taylor University of Nottingham AC
    145 Louise Taylor Kimberworth Striders
    178 Emily Thompson Unattached
    186 Paul Thompson Kimberley and District Striders
    317 Adrian Thorpe Unattached
    464 Joseph Tideswell Unattached
    465 Karen Tideswell Unattached
    479 Andy Tidmarsh Derwent Runners (Derby)
    378 Nigel Tissington Unattached
    304 Iris Travis Formula One Circuit Crew
    329 Helen Treece Team Derby Runner
    175 Jamie Turner Unattached
    197 Jeff Turner Team Derby Runner
    164 Emma-Jayne Twissell Unattached
    156 Karen Unger North Derbyshire RC
    396 Elaine Varley Broxtowe Triathlon Club
    194 Lorraine Varney Formula One Circuit Crew
    143 Suki Vernon Rolls-Royce Harriers
    313 Evelyn Vickery Formula One Circuit Crew
    382 Cassie Vidler Unattached
    106 Gill Wain Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    274 Jessica Wain Notts Women Runners
    296 Sarah Waldron Notts Women Runners
    176 Emma Walker Notts Women Runners
    410 Neil Walker Formula One Circuit Crew
    305 Peter Wallis Long Eaton Running Club
    96 Colin Ward Unattached
    302 Sammie Ward Notts Women Runners
    253 Brian Warner Sinfin Running Club
    287 Charlotte Watson Unattached
    385 Claire Webster All About Jogging - Jog Derbyshire
    333 Richard West Ripley Running Club 
    276 Robert West Bishops Itchington Running Club
    88 Susan Wheatcroft Beeston AC
    204 Damon Wheatley Team Derby Runner
    205 Vanessa Wheatley Unattached
    458 Chris White Unattached 
    407 Maria White Long Eaton Running Club
    459 Nic White Unattached 
    417 Lewis Whiting Heanor Running Club
    423 Matthew Whitmill Kimberley and District Striders
    127 Liz Whittaker Balanced Performance
    446 Elisa  Whittlestone Birstall RC 
    431 Mary Wilkins Unattached
    228 Louise Wilkinson Unattached
    93 Lucy Wilkinson Washlands Womens Runners
    280 Matthew Wilkinson Team Derby Runner
    73 Ellen Williams UK Run Chat Running Club
    418 Lisa Williams UKnetrunner
    419 Paul Williams Unattached
    210 Andrew Williams  Notts AC
    460 Allan Wilson University of Nottingham AC
    192 Dan Wilson Unattached
    180 Michael (Mel) Wilson Unattached
    161 Neil Wilson Derwent Runners (Derby)
    191 Vic Wilson Cumberland AC
    441 Lynn Windmill Chesapeake Road Runners
    28 Matthew Winslow Unattached
    49 Kirsty Wiser Notts Women Runners
    78 Sue Wolfgang Unattached
    288 Daniella Wood Erewash Valley RC
    364 Michael Wood Unattached
    316 Paul Wood Sinfin Running Club
    363 Teresa Wood Shelton Striders
    115 Alison Woodrow Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
    375 Joanne Woodward Team Derby Runner
    116 Patricia Woodward Notts Women Runners
    277 Neil Worth Team Derby Runner
    121 Kelly Wright Notts Women Runners
    36 Wayne Yearwood Ripley Running Club 

    21st August 2017


    The entry deadline has been extended to midnight 23rd August.

    Final race instructions including information on parking and bib collection will be sent by email Thursday 24th.

    2017 Race Date confirmed as 26th August 2017 Start 5pm

    The Race

    Race Start

    The Double or Quit Race is an annual muliti-terrain 5 or 10 mile race around scenic Shipley Park in Derbyshire.

    You can choose the distance you want to run on the day, 5 or 10 miles or even Nordic Walk.

    The race starts at 5pm from Shipley Park Visitor Centre, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7GX and has a time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

    This year we are pleased to annouce that our event will be chip timed by JC Race Solutions, using disposible race bib chips.

    JC Race Solutions

    Learn more »

    Race Start

    Race Start

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    Registration and Entry Fees

    Entry to our race is available to all runners who will be 17 years or over on race day.

    This year we will only be accepting online registration through the fabian4 web site. This service has no card handling fees to the end user and has been our online registration system for several years. Runners that are registered will be listed on the fabian 4 web site.

    The entry fee is;
    £13 Affiliated Runners
    £15 Unattached Runners

    The entry fee is the same for the 5 mile, 10 mile and Nordic Walkers.


    If you find yourself unable to run the event after registration you can apply for a refund via the online registration system up to 2 months before the race (26th June 2017), handling fees apply. After this date, you can apply for a refund up until 19th August 2017 but we will be unable to process this until after the final race accounts have been done, which is usually towards the end of September.


    You can substitute your place to another runner up until the 19th August 2017. After this date, no further substitutions will be accepted, arranged or administered by the race organisers. Please contact us via the email address below to make sure we have the correct runners details.

    Late Entries

    The online entry system will close on the 19th August 2017 or earlier if the race limit of 500 runners is reached, after this date there will be no more entries to the race.

    On the day entries

    Due to the increasing popularity and the dramatic rise in runners taking part year on year we can no longer handle on the day entries, sorry.


    If you have any registration questions please contact us at