Ilkeston Running Club


All training starts at 7pm from the Rutland Sports Park Ilkeston

We train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and meet informally at the weekend. All sessions, apart from the weekendruns start a 7pm prompt from the reception area of the Rutland Sports Park, Ilkeston near the bowling alley and fire station..

February Schedule.

Thursday - England Athletics Session No.3 - Back on the track at Rutland

January Schedule.
15/01/2019 Tuesday - Winter Handicap at Awsworth. Meet at Tesco car park 18:50 for warm up run to start. Dave Feely leads
10/01/2019 Thursday - Track Session With Coach Ian Hunter 7pm at the Rutland. £2.

Tuesday - England Athletics Session No.2 - Venue TBC

December Schedule.

Thursday- Carrie and Darren top and bottom canal 

25/12/2018 Tuesday - Christmas Day no training

Thursday - Rachel and Ian's Xmas Run, fancy dress a must! Beers afterwards.


Tuesday - Jo Saunders leading a session. Tonight’s session is a return to the popular Shipley View with a twist. Support from Richard Bower. Meet at Rutland Cottage for warm up run to the start 19:00 or meet at The Coop in Shipley View.


Thursday- Special Track Session at Rutland Sports Park level 3 English Athletics coach leading. 

We Highly recommend coming along to this great opportunity.

Details TBC - Cost £2


Tuesday - Clover and John lead a session

06/12/2018 Thursday - Catherine post boxes

Tuesday - winter handicap 

November Schedule.
29/11/2018 Laura Hickey leads. Back to the hills. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Details to be confirmed.

Kate Mackenzie is back for her second Fartlek session. Building on her earlier set. Meet at Rutland gym 19:00 Please arrive a little early so we can do the London Marathon club place draw. 


Once again the session is suitable for all abilities and includes a warm up and cool down stretch.


Titanic Fartlek with coach Ian Hunter - We will be doing some fartlek along Awsworth bypass with a special twist. Meet at Rutland at 7pm or at Tesco's approx 7.05 or the roundabout at the end of the bypass at approx 7.10/7.15.


Heanor out and back. Paul Whittleton, Natalie Wilson and Richard Bower lead. Clover Attewell, John Hill and Rachel Newton sweep. Meet at Rutland 19:00. This session will have the 3 paces groups which are proving so popular. 7-8 min, 8-9 min and 9-10 mins/mile. This session will incorporate 3 miles of threshold running with 2 minute intervals between each mile. A warm up and cool down run is included.


Clover Attewell and John Hill lead. Meet at Rutland for Derby Road/Mapperley Village/ Nutbrook loop.Note for this session we will once again have 3 different paces groups 7-8 min, 8-9 min and 9-10 min/mile.


Kate Mackenzie leads the first of her 2 sessions this month. Meet at Victoris Park for 19:00 start where Kate will lead a Fartlek session round the park. This will suit all abilities and there will be a warm up cool down stretch.

08/11/2018 Track Session with Ian Hunter. Details TBC meet at Rutland Sports 19:00
06/11/2018 Winter Handicap at Awsworth. Meet at Tesco car park 18:50 for warm up run to start. Dave Feely leads

Darren Hayes leads Top and bottom canal run. Approx 5 miles. Head torch essential, trail shoes recommended meet at Tesco car park 19:00. Shorter loop also available.

October Schedule.

Rachel Newton and Ian Stevenson lead tonight’s is a Halloween special trail run to Shipley Park. Fancy dress optional, head torch essential. Meet at Ilkeston Hospital for 19:00


Speedwork with Ian Hunter. Meet at Rutland for 19:00 - Threshold running and a few extra's.


Emma Bennett leads some lovely hill reps up cardiac hill. Meet at Ilkeston hospital at 19:00 for run to the hill.


Hills are your friends and so is Cathy as she leads this months hill session. Meet at Ilkeston hospital at 7pm 

900m tempo run then 30 mins long hill reps up American adventure then another 900m tempo run. Jog back to hospital, stretching.  


Meet at Black Horse Pub Mapperley Village at19:00. Richard Bower leads 5 mile mixed terrain loop from and back to the pub. Head torch essential trail shoes advisable. Drink in the pub afterwards if interested.


Track Session details to be announced. meet at Rutland for 19:00 bring £2


Kings and Queens. This popular run makes a welcome return. This time led by club Chairman Richard Iliffe and Debbie Woodhouse. Meet at club 19:00 for a run to the start

04/10/2018 Shipley wood Fartlek session. Led by Caroline Lawson. Meet at Ilkeston hospital for 19:00 start. Head torch essential.
02/10/2018 Winter 5K handicap. Meet at Tesco car park for 18:50. Steady run to start in Newton’s Lane
September Schedule.
27/09/2018 Track Session. Meet at the Rutland 19:00. Details to be confirmed bring £2

Recce of the Winter handicap course. Good opportunity for those who have never run this to check out the route. Details to follow.

20/09/2018 Boot Camp strengthening session led by Laura Hickey. Meet at the Rutland 19:00

Race the bus! Alan Bower,Richard Iliffe and Richard Bower lead the session where we race a service bus to Kimberley. 2 options: 1 on road led by Richard B with Alan as sweep runner. 2 Richard I leading an off road version. Can you beat the bus? Meet at Tesco Car Park at 18:45. Alan will be there from 18:30 for anyone wishing to warm up

13/09/2018 Track Session. Meet at the Rutland for 19:00. Details to be confirmed bring £2

Richard Bower leads. Meet at club 19:00. Steady warm up run to Aldi then 20 minute tempo session. Run up Heanor road and get as far as you can within the 20 minutes. Run at a pace that is just below breathless. Steady recovery run back to club.

06/09/2018 What goes up? Yes our favourite hills are back. Richard Bower leads a hill session through Ilkeston. 5 different laps, each one starts at the Market Place and each hill gets harder! What more could you want. Meet at the Rutland 19:00
04/09/2018 Summer Handicap with Dave Feely. Last chance for a PB before we switch to the Winter course. Meet at Rutland at 19:00
August Schedule.

Shipley XC route practice. Get ready for the XC season with a reccy of the Shipley BDL route. Trail shoes recommended and bring a head torch in case needed. Meet st Shipley visitor centre car park at 7pm.


Away fun with Darren. Practice of new Goose Fair Gallop route. Meet at Rutland Sports Hall at 6.30 to lift share as limited parking available. We will park in the lay bys just of J27, just before the industrial park to jog down to America farm. Approx 10km route- trail or old running shoes recommended

23/08/2018 Track session. Meet at 7pm at Rutland. Don't forget your £2!
21/08/2018 Social run lead by Kate. Details to follow.

Cathy leading an interval session - meet at Rutland at 7pm


***postponed to September!*** Interval/bootcamp session led by Laura. Meet at Rutland at 7pm. Expect sprints, squats and lunges!

14/08/2018 Handicap. Meet at Rutland at 7pm sharp to jog to the start.
09/08/2018 Track session at Rutland Sports Centre - don't forget your £2!

BDL race - Shipley Cricket Club (DE75 7JH). 7.30 start. Meet at Rutland at 6.45 for lifts.


Hill session with Richard Iliffe. Meeting at Shipley Park Visitor centre

July Schedule.
31/07/2018 Double or Quit practice run. Meet at Shipley Country Park (main car park) at 7pm.
26/07/2018 Track session meet at Rutland sports park 19:00

Tuesday - BDL Heanor route practice. Meet at Ilkeston Hospital at 7pm. 


Awayday run. Led by Dave Litchfield and Tony Donaldson. Run across the Chevin Hills with finish at Hollybush pub in Makeney Village.

17/07/2018 Away day run led by Rachel Newton and Ian Stevenson. Details to be confirmed
12/07/2018 Track Session at Rutland Sports park 19:00
10/07/2018 Summer Handicap race with Dave Feely. Meet at club 19:00hrs

Nutbrook trail interval session lead by Laura. Meet at Rutland Sports Park at 7pm for a warm up jog to the Nutbrook. It will be a pyramid session, starting with 4 minutes of running down to 60 seconds, with breaks in between. As we may still be recovering from the BDL the focus will be on pacing, going out and back at the same pace.

03/07/2018 Carsington BDL. c.5 miles out and back at Carsington Water - Big Lane, Ashbourne, DE6 3JS. 7.30 start at Millfields car park. Please car share is possible, meeting at Rutland at 6.15
June Schedule.

Tuesday - Away day run led by Debbie Woodhouse and Garry Gibson. This will be mostly off road taking in much of the local scenery. Meet at 7PM at White Hart pub West Hallam.


Thursday - Hills are your friend. Led by Club captain Cathy Ayton

MFN hill reps! Yeah! 

Meet at at Ilkeston Hospital Heanor Road DE7 8LN 7pm to jog to the start. 


Tuesday - Away day run led by Paul Whittleton and Dave Millington. Meeting at The White Hart in West Hallam, (Station Road, DE7 6GW) at 7pm. 5 mile largely off road route. Option of a drink at the pub afterwards. 

14/06/2018 Thursday - Track session details TBC
12/06/2018 Tuesday - Summer Handicap. Meet at Rutland soprts park for 19:00

Thursday - Steady 10K post BDL run. Led by Richard Bower with Dawn Bower as sweep runner. Meet at Rutland sports park at 19:00 for loop out to Dale Abbey and back via Kirk Hallam

05/06/2018 Tuesday - BDL Denby 7:30pm start park at Denby Pottery DE5 8NX
May Schedule.
31/05/2018 Thursday - Speed / Interval session on the Nutbrook trail.

Tuesday - Cathy lead Denby BDL recce for new members

meet at club at 6.40pm to car share or meet at Denby Pottery  visitors centre  Ripley DE5 8NX we have permission to park there. 


Thursday Track session - Threshold Running + 1 mile time trial + stretching (bring towels/mats to lie on if you don't like the floor)


Tuesday Kate's away run. Meet at the wharf in Shardlow on Wilne Lane DE72 2HG. 7.8km with an option to extend to 10km. Full details on Facebook page.

17/05/2018 Thursday ski-slope hill reps, Meet at Tesco at 7pm -Cathy
15/05/2018 Tuesday Richard Bowers Shipley park tour meet at Black horse Mapperlu
10/05/2018 Thursday Track session
08/05/2018 Tuesday BDL race
03/05/2018 Thursday Summer Handicap meet at Rutland or at start

Tuesday Bluebell run, meet at Tesco Ilkeston to set off for 7pm approx 6 miles of mixed terrain, friendly social pace. Open invite to all, ran in Memory of Simon Davis.

April Schedule.

Track session with Ian. Don't forget your £2! - Short fast 400's + good warm up and stretching


Away run with Alison Parsons. Meet at the Risley Park pub at 7pm for a 10km run, followed by a refreshing pint.


Fartlek session with Caroline. Meet at Ilkeston Hospital at 7pm. More details to follow, please see our Facebook page.


****updated session*** meeting at Rutland to do a practice run of the updated BDL route. Please make every effort to attend to see the new course ahead of marshalling/running in May.


Thursday night track session with Coach Hunter. Don't forget your £2!. The spring 1 mile time trial - come bank a time and see how you improve over the summer. Will also include warm up, the usual technique stuff and some stretching.


BDL race time - the first of the summer league, hooray! This one is at Teversal, Carnarvon Street, Sutton in Ashfield, NG17 3HJ. 7.15pm start, meet at Rutland at 6pm to car share

05/04/2018 Hill training led by Cathy

Handicap 5km. First of the summer route for 2018. Meet at Rutland ready to leave at 7pm sharp. Don't forget the pub quiz at the Rutland after

March Schedule.
29/03/2018 Dave Feely to reccy the summer handicap route meeting at the rutland
27/03/2018 Darren leading, 3 runs around cotmanhay 4.2 miles 5.8 miles and 7 miles routes something for everyone. Look out for the joggers they are invited to this one
22/03/2018 Thursday - Track session Rutland sports park. Don't forget your £2 - Ian Hunter session TBC
20/03/2018 Richard Bower Leads tonights run details to be arranged

Speed session around the Industrial estate. Warm up jog there and a few stretches. 10 mins tempo.  Then a downward  pyramid, so full effort running for 5mins, 4mins, 3mins all with 90 second recovery x 2 swapping running direction on each set, steady jog back. Stretch off. Lead by Cathy, an element of self timing may be needed. 

13/03/2018 Heanor Road out and back lead by Laura. Meet at Rutland for a short jog to Heanor Road. Go at your own pace, 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back.
08/03/2018 Track night with Paul and Caroline
06/03/2018 Its the 1st Tuesday of the month so must be the handicap starting from Tescos Ilkestons carpark. Don,t forget quiz night at the rutland cottage after
01/03/2018 A hilly session doing Kings and Queens with Ian Cooper
February Schedule.
27/02/2018 Tonight's training will just be an easy run with Paul Whittleton around Shipley Park, Paul will be front running and Alison Parsons is tail running. There’ll be plenty of mustering so we can keep moving and no-one will be left behind. Head torches are a must. Cheers.

Thursday - Track session Rutland sports park. Don't forget your £2 - Ian Hunter session TBC 


Tuesday Beeston Route lead by Sarah meeting at Sainsburys Beeston NG9 2LA at 7pm 

15/02/2018 Thursday -Hills with Amy

Tuesday- Darren Hayes leading meet at *Tesco* Ilkeston for 7pm. Top and bottom canal loop off road shoes and head torches needed. 


Thursday - Track session Rutland sports park. Don't forget your £2 - Ian Hunter session TBC


Tuesday - Winter Handicap. Meet at Tesco Ilkeston for warm up to start. 7pm - Dave Feely


Thursday Shipley view loops. Speed session Meet at *Rutland cottage* pub at 7pm 

January Schedule.

Tuesday - Heanor road out and back 20 mins each way. Meet at Rutland at 7pm cathy leading 

25/01/2018 Thursday Track session with Ian Hunter

Tuesday Easy Run with Laura Bramcote Park. Meet at car park (NG9 3JT) at 7pm mostly lit paths but you may need a head torch for a small section. 

21/01/2018 BDL Trent Meadows 11am start
18/01/2018 Thursday Easy Run with Richard Bower, saving legs for BDL on Sunday.

Tuesday Hilly loop with Cathy 

11/01/2018 Thursday Track session with Ian Hunter

Tuesday easy run with Ian Coooper we will have a steady run to Kirk hallam then the slowest runner being the front runner for the loop around Kirk hallam.Every time we catch up the front runner fast run back 2 lamp post then steady run up to the front runner again repeat. The slower the front runner the better, all welcome 

04/01/2018 Thursday- hill session bath street with Cathy
02/01/2018 Tuesday - Winter Handicap, meet at Tesco at 7pm
December Schedule.

No Official training 

26/12/2017 Boxing Day No training

Thursday-  Graveyard dash with Paul W