Ilkeston Running Club


All training starts at 7pm from the Rutland Sports Park Ilkeston

We train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and meet informally at the weekend. All sessions, apart from the weekendruns start a 7pm prompt from the reception area of the Rutland Sports Park, Ilkeston near the bowling alley and fire station..

January Schedule.
25/01/2018 Thursday Track session with Ian Hunter

Tuesday Easy Run with Laura Bramcote Park. Meet at car park (NG9 3JT) at 7pm mostly lit paths but you may need a head torch for a small section. 

21/01/2018 BDL Trent Meadows 11am start
18/01/2018 Thursday Easy Run with Richard Bower, saving legs for BDL on Sunday.

Tuesday Hilly loop with Cathy 

11/01/2018 Thursday Track session with Ian Hunter

Tuesday easy run with Ian Coooper we will have a steady run to Kirk hallam then the slowest runner being the front runner for the loop around Kirk hallam.Every time we catch up the front runner fast run back 2 lamp post then steady run up to the front runner again repeat. The slower the front runner the better, all welcome 

04/01/2018 Thursday- hill session bath street with Cathy
02/01/2018 Tuesday - Winter Handicap, meet at Tesco at 7pm
December Schedule.

No Official training 

26/12/2017 Boxing Day No training

Thursday-  Graveyard dash with Paul W


Tuesday Xmas fancy dress fun run hoasted by Natalie and Simon Kirk meet at market place at 7pm


Thursday Track - Session TBC - Meet at Rutland to start at 7pm

12/12/2017 Tuesday- Winter Handicap meet at Tesco at 7pm

Thursday- Threshold session with Paul Whittelton 

05/12/2017 Tuesday - Heanor road out and back
November Schedule.
30/11/2017 Paul Whittleton will be leading a Tempo session from the Rutland, Thanks paul for your hard work this month
28/11/2017 Darren Hayes will be leading a club run from the rutland details to be posted at a later date
23/11/2017 Track - Session TBC - Meet at Rutland to start at 7pm
21/11/2017 Darren Hayes will be leading a club run from the rutland details to be posted at a later date

Paul Whittleton will be leading a Hill session up cardiac hill. Meet at either Mapperley Res or Ilkeston hospital to run to the start. 

14/11/2017 park at the ilkeston Hospital then to Shipley woods circuit fartleking -the route lit up t with twinkly lights (Head torches a must) run leader Caroline
09/11/2017 Track - Session TBC - Meet at Rutland to start at 7pm
07/11/2017 Winter handicap Meet at Tescos ilkestons car park 7pm
02/11/2017 Paul Whittleton will be leading an indian file session from the Rutland. Not sure ? come and find out what this is.
October Schedule.

Tuesday 31st Kings and Queens

26/10/2017 Track - Session TBC - Meet at Rutland to start at 7pm
24/10/2017 Tuesday 24th quarry industrial estate route x 3 leaders
19/10/2017 Thursday- Heanor Road out and back. Due to fair meet and park at Tesco for 7pm
17/10/2017 Tuesday 17th lampposts x 1-2 leaders meet at Tesco
12/10/2017 Track - Session TBC - Meet at Rutland to start at 7pm

Tuesday - Winter Handicap, meet at Tesco at 7pm


Thursday - Graveyard sprints with Cathy leading 


Tuesday 3rd - West Hallam / Mapperley loop 3 different speed leaders


Sunday BDL Shipley Park 11:00am start 

September Schedule.

Track - Meet at Rutland to start at 7pm - Don't forget your £2. There will be a decent warm up followed by some technical work on our knees. The main session will be a pyramid session including a good mix of distances for working on both your speed and endurance.


Tuesday-Awsworth loop(sorry I know its a bit dull) This will be an optunity for our newer members to be shown the winter handicap course Leader Paula Pigot & Dave Feeley-Meet 7pm bottom of Tesco Car Park


Thursday - The return ofKings and Queens: meet at Rutland at 7pm. Tonights leaders Dave Feeley and Richard Iliffe.


Tuesday Away day to Crich Monument Head Torches will be needed-Leader Cathy Ayton for those not able to make the away day we will still be meeting at 7pm as normal heading towards the Nutbrock Head Torches will be needed, then back down Heanor Road-Leader Paula Pigot

14/09/2017 Track - Session TBC

Tuesday Somthing diffrent Catherine Huges is leading a session with the aim to reaching as many check points as possiable within 60mins. Meet at Rutland 7pm

07/09/2017 Hill Session with Ian H - Meet at Tesco's at 7pm or at the Ski Slope at about 7.10. A session we have never done before!, it will involve hill and speedwork but the XC season is only a month away!. Road shoes will be Ok.
05/09/2017 Tuesday The Summer handicap on the Nutbrook-meet at Rutland 7pm
August Schedule.
31/08/2017 Track - Session TBC
29/08/2017 Oldmoor wood route before the dark nights start drawing in post codes and directions to follow

Hill Session - Meet at Tesco at 7pm for a hill session on the old ski slope.

22/08/2017 The chevin Run Park on makeney road Milford. Approx 5 miles over the chevin and around belper. Finish off at the holly bush inn for a pint
17/08/2017 Speedwork - 10 x 2 minute reps - mixed pace - Meet at Rutland as normal to run from 'the bridge' on the Nutrbrook Trail.
15/08/2017 Tuesday:run or recce the D or Q route with Dave Feely, meeting place to be confirmed
10/08/2017 Track - Session TBC
08/08/2017 Tuesday- BDLShipley Cricket Club (The Field | Shipley DE75 7JH) 7:30pm start - Meet at Rutland for lifts at 6:45pm

Thursday - Speed Session - 2 or 3 x 4/3/2/1 (minutes) - on the Nutbrook Trail (usual spot under the bridge). This is an increasing pace/decreasing time workout, will utilise varying different paces from Threshold pace through to 5k+ pace.

01/08/2017 Tuesday The Summer handicap on the Nutbrook-meet at Rutland 7pm
July Schedule.

Thursday - Hill Session - **Meet at Ilkeston Hospital for 7pm** - 12 x 45 seconds Uphill with jog back down recoveries

25/07/2017 Tuesday- Away run Dale Abbey, Hermits cave. Meet at Carpenters Arms, pint afterwards. - Richard Bower

Track Session at the Rutland Sports Park - Don't forget your £2. - 8/10/12 x 400m - Session will include full warm up and stretches afterwards

18/07/2017 Tuesday- Darren Hayes Details to follow
13/07/2017 Thursday - 5 minutes at 10k pace + 10 x 1 minute fast 1 minute slow + 5 minutes at 10k pace. Meet at Rutland at 7pm.
11/07/2017 Tuesday- Summer Handicap

Thursday - Neil Cort Leading some Cruise Intervals, 8 x 4 mins at around HM pace on the grass at Manor Floods. Won't be a hard session after BDL.


Tuesday- BDL Carsinton Water (Big Lane | Ashbourne DE6 1ST) 7:30pm start at Millfields car park - Meet at Rutland for lifts at 6:15pm

June Schedule.

Thursday - An Introduction to Progression Running - 10 minutes x 3 getting progressively faster + 6x200m hard - Loops around SwanLake meet at Rutland at 7pm for warm up to the start of session-Caroline and Neil will be taking us through our paces


Tuesday- Neil Cort 7mile option Richard Bower 5.5mile option-more details to follow


Track Session at the Rutland Sports Park - Don't forget your £2 -800/400/200 x 3 - This session will get you running fast, faster and then even faster getting you deep into the red by the 200m efforts!. Full warm up and stretching afterwards.


Tuesday We will be running to remember Simon Davis.Meet at 6.50pm at the bottom of Tesco’s (Ilkeston) then running up to Oldmoor Woods this will a fully inclusive run.

if your walking park along main St. between all saints strelley  church and strelley hall (post code NG8 6P8) 6.50pm Dave Feeley will be leading. 



Thursday- away day at Uni grounds or Wollaton Hall more info to follow. Leader Laura Hickey

13/06/2017 Tuesday The Summer handicap on the Nutbrook-meet at Rutland 7pm

Thursday - Speedy (ish) Session - Due to the BDL on the Tuesday we will be doing intervals of 3 minutes at differing paces. A maximum of 8 x 3 minutes with the fastest pace being 10k pace. I will do a full warm up and a good stretching session afterwards for those who want it.


Tuesday Denby Pottery BDL Race (Denby visitors centre | Ripley DE5 8NX) - 7:30pm start - Meet at Rutland for lifts at 6:30pm


Thursday - Hills and Speed session - warm up - 3 minutes @ threshold pace - 8/10/12 x 45 seconds uphills fast (90 seconds recovery) - 3 minutes @ threshold pace. Location TBC. This will be a great session to prepare you for the Denby BDL.

May Schedule.

Tuesday- Choice of 2 runs. Cathy will be leading a BDL race route recce at Denby. Meeting at Denby at 7pm.  Ian Cooper will be taking a slower post liverpool marathon run around shipley leaving from the club at 7pm.


Track Session (Bramcote Track)- 8, 10 or 12 x 400m with 60 second recovery + Drills and stretches. *Please note change of venue to Bramcote Track, Moor Lane, NG9 3FH*.


Tuesday- Richard Bower will be leading us from the club towards Mapperley Village a 6 mile-ish route involving a couple of stiles. M


Thursday - Carol Vordermans Countdown Challenge - Intervals of increasing pace for 7 minutes/6 minutes/5/4/3/2/1 finishing at high speed! Meet at the Rutland as normal to run on the Nutbrook


Caroline Lawson will be leading a run from westhallam to morley church and surrounding area, Away day run. Park at the white hart west hallam


Thursday - Track Session - 1200/100/800/400 (cruising rather than full pace), an easier session due to BDL. I will also do some drills before and a stretching session afterwards to help those tired legs, bring a towel or yoga mat if you don't like the floor.

09/05/2017 Ilkeston running club will be hosting the BDL summer race.

Thursday - Ted Rogers Dusty Bin 3-2-1 Challenge - 5 x 3 minutes/2 minutes/1minutes . Meet at Leisure Centre as normal to run on the Nutbrook Trail

02/05/2017 The Summer handicap on the Nutbrook
April Schedule.

Thursday Track Session - Classic 8 x 800m no.1, we will do this again in a couple of months to compare

Alternative off road option. Oldmoor Woods, bluebell spotting approx. 7 miles, meet at Rutland at 7pm - Leader Simon Davis

25/04/2017 Tuesday- Reece of our BDL route - leader Dave Feely meet at Rutland at 7pm

Thursday - A fartlekky type speed/interval session - Meet at Rutland at 7pm

18/04/2017 Tuesday- Mapperly Route - Leader Phil Mitchou with a pub stop afterwards.

Thursday - Track Session - 1 mile time trial plus optional 4x400's if required. We will do a 1 mile TT every couple of months to check how we are doing - Leaders Neil & Caroline

Alternative mostly off road Dale Abbey route 5/6 miles, meet at Rutland at 7pm - Leader Richard Bower


Tuesday - BDL race Teversal, Carnarvon Street, Sutton in Ashfield NG17 3HJ.  7:15pm start - Meet at Rutland at 6pm for car share. 


Thursday - 1km intervals - 5 x 1km (2 mins rest) - Probably along the Nutbrook - Meet at Leisure Centre as normal.


Tuesday- Summer Handicap, meet at Rutland at 7pm - leader Dave Feely

March Schedule.

Threshold Running - 6 x 6 minutes (2 mins) - Meet at Rutland at 7pm to run around the park loop


Tuesday Away day Run (Location to be confimred but wil be Bramcote or Beeston) meeting points time to follow Leaders Sarah Taylor and Laura Hickey

23/03/2017 Track Session: 1500's and 800's - 1500 (2 mins) + 4x800 (90 seconds) +1500

Tuesday Nutbrook Trail - Heanor Raod 2 options 6mils lead my Neil Cort & Dave Feeley 4 mile lead by Paula Pigot Ian Cooper. (route lengths are aprox)


Thursday Tonys 50th away day run (Simon Davis will be providing more info) Will also be running normal club night at 7pm -leader Paula Pigot for those that cant make the away day run.


Tuesday Recce of summer handicap meet at club 7pm head tourchers will be needed

09/03/2017 Track Session: Getting Shorter and Faster - 1500/1200/800/400/1500
07/03/2017 Tuesday - Winter Handicap. Meet at Tesco Carpark at 7pm
02/03/2017 Continuous Hills with Ian Hunter - 3 x 12 minutes (2 minutes rest). Meet at Leisure centre as normal.
February Schedule.

Tuesday - Circular route around Shipley View with a twist. Leaving from the Rutland Cottage Pub, Heanor Road, Ilkeston DE7 8TE at 7pm by Phil Michou


Saturday: National XC County Champs Wollaton Park


Thursday: Track Session with Ian Hunter, 800's with 90 seconds recovery.


Tuesday -7pm From Rutland Sports Park, Fartlek session Leader - Darren Hayes


Thursday: Continuous Hills with Ian Hunter - more details to follow


Tuesday - Circuler route with Hills (more info to follow) - Leader Richard Bower

14/02/2017 Tuesday: An alternative run led by Simon Davis a 6.5 mile off road run mainly canal paths expect mud and a head toarch a must

Sunday Race BDL Holme Valley Park Chesterfield 11:00am


 Thursday:Track Session with Ian Hunter - Slightly shorter session to save our legs for Sunday - 1x1500m + 2x800m + 4x400m


Tuesday - Winter Handicap. Meet at Tesco Carpark at 7pm Leader - Dave Feely


Thursday The Hills Strike Back - 6 minutes + 12x45 uphill (like last time) + 6 minutes. Meet at Tesco car park 7pm. - leader Ian Hunter

January Schedule.

Tuesday - Circuler route with Hills (more info to follow) Richard Bower

28/01/2017 Midlands XC Champs Prestwold Hall Loughborough

Thursday-Track Session: 3x1200m + 3x400m .-Dont forget your £2


Tuesday- Richard Bower West hallam loop