BDL Race Diary+ Scoring Format


The scoring format for this season:

  • Men's team scoring will be based on seven counters

  • Women's team scoring will be based on four counters

  • Mixed team scoring based on combination of men's and women's overall team placing

  • Points for each team competition to be awarded based on finishing position for each gender - i.e. 1st lady will score 1 point, 2nd lady will score 2 points.  This is a change to the previous system where points were awarded based on overall finishing position.

  • Individual prizes for the series will be based on four counting races for all age categories - previously the Junior and a selection of veteran categories were contested over just three counters.

A reminder that club colours should be worn by all competitors (vest or t-shirt).  Age category for the series is defined on the date of the first race (3rd October 2021).  Minimum age for entry is 14 on the day of the race - a junior reaching the age of 14 after the first race in the series can therefore enter subsequent races.