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Single championship.

Primary focus on age graded performance and individual improvement.

Scoring based on WMA (World Master Athletics) calculations. Adopted by

other running clubs and ParkRun.

Set races throughout the calendar. Covering all running disciplines.

Booth Decorators League summer and winter leagues incorporated as key races within the championship.

Extra Points

Marshalling or running our hosted BDL race – 25 points 

Marshalling the double or quit – 25 points


Top five runners per gender

So what is WMA Age Grading?

Age grading takes a time for a distance and uses the world record time based on gender and age to produce a percentage score. This score provides a means of performance comparison against others, even though they might be a different age and gender. The higher the score the better the performance.

How will we use WMA within the championship?

After each race within the club championship the WMA age grading calculator will be applied to each club member. A WMA percentage score will be derived based on their age, gender and race time. Championship points are then awarded based on this percentage.

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