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January challenge,  IRC XC race

We are now in Tier 4. You can travel a short distance within your own Tier area to 

exercise outdoors. You can exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with your household, support bubble, or one other person.

Our planned XC race can still happen. The original date of the race,17th January has been amended. Your run can now be ANYTIME in January. We can still make this work.

Run ​alone, or with your household bubble, or one other person.

Send in your own prediction of how many miles you could run in a time of 40min.

The route is super easy to follow.

Runners should follow the suggested route for the first 20 min. If you feel comfortable LOL and achieve somewhere near your target time/distance, you can either choose to run a second lap the same as your first or elect to take one of the short-cut options to reduce the distance down for your second lap. You may even want to increase the distance of your second lap.

Everyone has to finish the race back at the golf club house within 40min

Anyone taking longer than 40 min will incur a penalty of 0.20 miles for every minute or part of a minute over the 40min cut off time.

Everyone has to record their own run time and the total distance ran.

Send this data to us and we will rank the runners based on an age related grading for the distance that you managed to run in the 40min after deducting any penalties.

It is in the interest of all runners to neither overstate or understate their predicted race time. In order to win or be high placed in the rankings runners will have to achieve the maximum distance that is possible for them in the alloted time.

Send me your prediction of the distance you can run, at your race speed, in a time of UP to 40 minutes.

I'll have a look at the numbers and let you have a suggested route.

Anyone can cut corners in order to get back within the 40 minutes but this will only reduce the total distance ran that they record.

Maximum distance in the maximum time is the way to win



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