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Hopefully coming soon to a Sunday morning near Christmas will be the IRC Not so Virtual, Not so Relay, Christmas Virtual Relay. Natty title huh.


The idea is to pick random teams of 4 and set them off together using the marked out Parkrun course at West Park. Teams will be set off together in intervals of 5 - 10 minutes (yet to be decided) and scored using the age graded system.


There will be a not so virtual prize for the winning team and of course for the best fancy dress team. This is all on the basis that we won’t be on Lockdown and please note that the emphasis will be on doing whatever you want so if you want to turn up as an inflatable unicorn with a Santa hat on feel free or if you want to train your ass off and go for a time, fill your boots as well.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to take part and my initial thoughts are that we’ll hold this on Sunday 20th December.


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